I have formed my company in 1980 with the profile of metal grinding and polishing of industrial products and veteran vehicles (cars & motorbikes). In 2000 we started the production of stainless steel structures. At that time I used to fish regularly and I later committed myself to fishing with boilie and I started to participate in competitions when problems came up with the rod pod. They broke, they frayed, they tipped over. I decided to create a support for myself that suits my requirements. When the first piece was completed several of my fellow fishers came to me asking to make one for them too. Then I started producing. Today we are producing benches and fishing accessories in limited numbers with my signature to the entire satisfaction of several inland and foreign customers.

Our goal and principle

Producing fishing products of perfect quality with continuous development at the lowest possible prices compared to the rival firms. Criticism and suggestions are welcome and appreciated as help.


Considering my age and health status I can grant no longer than 100 years of guarantee.

Proper use is a prerequisite for product warranty. Defects resulting from improper use cannot be repaired under warranty!!!!!!